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What is the best way to convert a List[String, Int]A to List[Int, String]B. I wanted to use the map function which would iterate through all items in my list A and then return a new list B however whenever i apply the map function on the list A it complains about wrong number of arguments

val listA:List[(String, Int)] = List(("graduates", 20), ("teachers", 10), ("students", 300))
val listB:List[(Int, String)] = listA.map((x:String, y:Int) => y, x)

Any suggestions? Thanks

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You need to use pattern matching to get the elements of a pair. I swear a question like this was asked just a few days ago....

listA.map{case (a,b) => (b,a)}
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+1: Jean-Philippe's answer gives arguably the best (shortest and most efficient) way to do the job, but this answer gives linuxlewis the missing clues to understand why the failed attempt failed. –  AmigoNico Oct 19 '12 at 6:33
cheers Kim, didn't catch the earlier question in my searches –  cdugga Oct 19 '12 at 8:25

How about this:

val listB = listA.map(_.swap)
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