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What are the correct urls to connect to the test server for UPS Freight? The urls provided in the in the Developers Kit pdf do not work. Does anyone know which urls to use for testing purposes?

Here is the sample code from the plugin:

     * Shipping method class
     * */
    class WC_Shipping_UPS extends WC_Shipping_Method {

        var $test_url = "";
        /* var $url = ""; */
        var $codes = array(
            "01" => "UPS Next Day Air",
            "02" => "UPS Second Day Air",
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Your code is not complete here. – JasonWyatt Oct 18 '12 at 20:37

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There's already a pretty good UPS Shipping plugin for WooCommerce available here, if you need one:

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protected static $endpointUrls = array(
    'sandbox' => '',
    'production' => ''

These are the correct urls, copied from UPS's wsdl file for Freight Shipping API.

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Unfortunately, you are attempting to use the XML service for FreightRate which you cannot do. You can only use their web service (the only offer the FreightRate via the webservice according to this forum post (, so you'll have to go the SOAP route and write your own piece of the plugin.

Good luck.

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