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I have a vendor, that i need to post XML data to their Webservice that will give me a response which will get displayed via Javascript in the tabular format.

I was using xmlhttp object or Ajax, but that will result me in getting Cross site scripting alert box in IE. So i thought i will use YQL , but nowhere i could find a way to post data to the webservices via YQL. are there any examples. is this possible?

I even tried "Select * from http://stagingimport.brassring.com/WebRouter/WebRouter.asmx/route where Query = ...". this webservice does not accept JSON data.

Or are there any similar things like YQL that will do that. I am using SharePoint and would not want to go through server side solution , as this is a temporary solution of what we are trying to achieve.

I am going to this URL http://stagingimport.brassring.com/WebRouter/WebRouter.asmx/route that is a webservice and requires xml data send them via post.

I would appreciate your input.



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Hi , Is there anyone who can think,it's even possible. or am i asking the wrong question. Ideally i think it cannot as it's (YQL) a read / Scrape only service. –  Rahul Oct 25 '12 at 23:46

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Alright guys, i think i found it. The answer is Yes, you can do it. i opened up a Yahoo console and wrote something like

 select * from xml where url='http://import.brassring.com/WebRouter/WebRouter.asmx/route?inputXml=%3C%3Fxml%20version%3D%221.0%22%20encoding%3D%22iso-8859- .........

and it did return me the record, although it was not JSON as they only return XML inside an XML.

Today I also tried ql.io from Ebay and I was also able to get the expected return value.

Hope it will help someone, Can't give the whole code as stated above as it is authenticated.

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