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I have a poorly designed table that I did not design and cannot fix/change because a 3rd party blackberry app that writes to it. The meat is that there is a start record and a stop record for tracking events with NO connection or validation that there is a match. The blackberry app does nothing to tie these records together. I have tried to create a join on its self and create temp tables with the begin and one with the end to full outer join them. The problem is that I have duplicate entries were the entry should be marked as having no mate. Existing data has rows with no mate on both the start and end records. I have searched SO for answers and I found some close answers that have led me this far. I know its a long post, sorry for that.

There is a single table that surprisingly has a primary key. There is no pivot/intersection table. Structure is

ID (int PK)
activityType varchar
beginEnd varchar ('begin' or 'end')
businessKey varchar nullable
technician varchar

The following columns are in the table as well, but are nullable, and not important to the query.

dateSubmitted DATETIME
gpsLatitude float
gpsLongitude float
note varchar
odometer int

The query that I have now that still leaves dupes: Showing and sorting ID and EndID are for debugging only

SET @DateFrom='20101101'
SET @DateTo='20101102'
DECLARE @Incomplete VARCHAR(15)
SET @Incomplete = 'Incomplete'

[id] [numeric](19, 0) NOT NULL,
[activityType] [varchar](255) NOT NULL,
[beginEnd] [varchar](255) NULL,
[businessKey] [varchar](255) NULL,
[date] [datetime] NOT NULL,
[dateSubmitted] [datetime] NULL,
[gpsLatitude] [float] NULL,
[gpsLongitude] [float] NULL,
[note] [varchar](255) NULL,
[odometer] [int] NULL,
[technician] [varchar](255) NOT NULL

INSERT     @StartEvents
SELECT      *
FROM        dbo.TimeEntry
[date] between @DateFrom AND @DateTo
AND beginEnd = 'Begin'
--AND [technician] = 'FRED'
ORDER by technician
[id] [numeric](19, 0) NOT NULL,
[activityType] [varchar](255) NOT NULL,
[beginEnd] [varchar](255) NULL,
[businessKey] [varchar](255) NULL,
[date] [datetime] NOT NULL,
[dateSubmitted] [datetime] NULL,
[gpsLatitude] [float] NULL,
[gpsLongitude] [float] NULL,
[note] [varchar](255) NULL,
[odometer] [int] NULL,
[technician] [varchar](255) NOT NULL

INSERT     @EndEvents
SELECT      *
FROM        dbo.TimeEntry
[date] between @DateFrom AND @DateTo AND
beginEnd = 'End'
--AND [technician] = 'FRED'
ORDER by technician

-- And then a conventional SELECT
, AS EndID
    StartEvents.activityType ,EndEvents.activityType ,'Not Available'
    ) AS ActivityType
--,StartEvents.beginEnd as [Begin] 
--,EndEvents.beginEnd AS [End]
    convert(VARCHAR(12), StartEvents.[date], 103), 
    convert(VARCHAR(12), EndEvents.[date], 103), @Incomplete
    ) as [Event Date] 
    convert(VARCHAR(12), EndEvents.[date], 103), @Incomplete 
    ) as [End Date] 
    CONVERT(VARCHAR(5) , StartEvents.dateSubmitted , 108) , @Incomplete
        ) AS StartTime
    CONVERT(VARCHAR(5) , EndEvents.dateSubmitted , 108) , @Incomplete
        ) AS EndTime
    StartEvents.note, EndEvents.note, ''
    ) as [Note]
    StartEvents.technician,EndEvents.technician,'Not Available'
    ) AS Technician 

@StartEvents As StartEvents 


@EndEvents AS EndEvents ON 
StartEvents.technician = EndEvents.technician AND 
StartEvents.businessKey = EndEvents.businessKey AND 
StartEvents.activityType = EndEvents.activityType 
AND convert(VARCHAR(12), StartEvents.[date], 103) = convert(VARCHAR(12), EndEvents.[date], 103) 

    --StartEvents.[date] between @DateFrom AND @DateTo OR 
    --StartEvents.[dateSubmitted] between @DateFrom AND @DateTo 


23569,Standby,Begin,,2010-11-01 08:00:13.000,2010-11-01 08:26:45.533,34.139,-77.895,#1140,28766,
23570,Travel,Begin,00100228002,2010-11-01 07:00:44.000,2010-11-01 08:34:15.370,35.0634,-80.7668,,18706,
23571,Standby,End,,2010-11-01 08:30:08.000,2010-11-01 08:35:20.463,34.0918,-77.9002,#1140,28766,
23572,Travel,Begin,00100226488,2010-11-01 08:30:41.000,2010-11-01 08:36:56.420,34.0918,-77.9002,,28766,
23573,Travel,End,00100226488,2010-11-01 08:45:00.000,2010-11-01 08:44:15.553,34.0918,-77.9002,,28768,
23574,OnSite,Begin,00100226488,2010-11-01 08:45:41.000,2010-11-01 09:24:23.943,34.0918,-77.9002,,0,
23575,OnSite,End,00100226488,2010-11-01 09:30:10.000,2010-11-01 09:33:19.953,34.0918,-77.9002,,28768,
23576,Travel,Begin,00100228137,2010-11-01 09:30:20.000,2010-11-01 09:34:57.330,34.0918,-77.9002,,28768,
23577,Travel,End,00100228137,2010-11-01 09:45:51.000,2010-11-01 09:42:39.230,34.0918,-77.9002,,28771,
23578,Travel,Begin,00100228138,2010-11-01 09:00:23.000,2010-11-01 09:58:22.857,34.9827,-80.5365,,18749,
23579,OnSite,Begin,00100228137,2010-11-01 09:45:47.000,2010-11-01 10:41:10.563,34.139,-77.895,,0,
23580,OnSite,End,00100228137,2010-11-01 10:45:43.000,2010-11-01 11:09:14.393,34.139,-77.895,,28771,
23581,OnSite,Begin,00100228142,2010-11-01 10:45:42.000,2010-11-01 11:29:26.447,34.139,-77.895,#1015,28771,
23582,OnSite,End,00100228142,2010-11-01 11:15:18.000,2010-11-01 11:55:28.603,34.139,-77.895,#1015,28771,
23583,Travel,Begin,,2010-11-01 11:15:06.000,2010-11-01 11:56:01.633,34.139,-77.895,"#1142 Fuel, #1154 Tickets",28771,
23584,Travel,End,,2010-11-01 12:00:47.000,2010-11-01 12:07:54.867,34.139,-77.895,"#1154, #1142",28774,
23585,Travel,End,,2010-11-01 12:00:47.000,2010-11-01 12:07:55.087,34.139,-77.895,"#1154, #1142",28774,
23586,Break,Begin,,2010-11-01 12:00:26.000,2010-11-01 12:08:06.007,34.139,-77.895,#1153,28774,
23587,Travel,End,,2010-11-01 12:00:47.000,2010-11-01 12:08:06.040,34.139,-77.895,"#1154, #1142",28774,
23588,Break,Begin,,2010-11-01 12:00:26.000,2010-11-01 12:08:06.070,34.139,-77.895,#1153,28774,
23589,Travel,End,,2010-11-01 12:00:47.000,2010-11-01 12:16:02.673,34.139,-77.895,"#1154, #1142",28774,
23590,Travel,End,,2010-11-01 12:00:47.000,2010-11-01 12:16:14.220,34.139,-77.895,"#1154, #1142",28774,
23591,Travel,Begin,00100228000,2010-11-01 11:45:19.000,2010-11-01 12:35:46.363,35.0634,-80.7668,,18760,
23592,Travel,Begin,00100227980,2010-11-01 13:15:14.000,2010-11-01 13:58:51.050,34.0918,-77.9002,,28774,
23593,Travel,Begin,00100227980,2010-11-01 13:15:14.000,2010-11-01 13:59:03.830,34.0918,-77.9002,,28774,
23594,Travel,Begin,00100227980,2010-11-01 13:15:14.000,2010-11-01 13:59:03.893,34.1594,-77.8929,,28774,
23595,Travel,Begin,00100227980,2010-11-01 13:15:14.000,2010-11-01 13:59:03.940,34.1594,-77.8929,,28774,
23596,Travel,Begin,00100227980,2010-11-01 13:15:14.000,2010-11-01 13:59:15.880,34.1594,-77.8929,,28774,
23597,Travel,Begin,00100227980,2010-11-01 13:15:14.000,2010-11-01 13:59:15.927,34.2743,-77.8668,,28774,
23598,Travel,Begin,00100227980,2010-11-01 13:15:14.000,2010-11-01 13:59:15.987,34.2743,-77.8668,,28774,
23599,Travel,Begin,00100228166,2010-11-01 14:00:13.000,2010-11-01 14:29:45.320,35.0634,-80.7668,,18779,
23600,Travel,End,00100227980,2010-11-01 15:15:58.000,2010-11-01 15:15:40.403,35.3414,-78.0325,,28880,
23601,Travel,Begin,00100228205,2010-11-01 15:30:46.000,2010-11-01 15:41:41.810,35.0661,-80.8376,,18781,
23602,OnSite,Begin,00100227980,2010-11-01 15:15:23.000,2010-11-01 15:59:45.203,35.3873,-77.9395,,28880,
23603,OnSite,End,00100227980,2010-11-01 16:15:22.000,2010-11-01 16:06:09.150,35.3873,-77.9395,,28880,
23604,Travel,Begin,00100228007,2010-11-01 16:15:15.000,2010-11-01 16:15:25.253,35.3873,-77.9395,,28880,
23605,Travel,Begin,,2010-11-01 16:15:12.000,2010-11-01 16:20:49.933,35.0445,-80.8227,Return trip home,18785,
23606,Travel,End,00100228007,2010-11-01 16:30:48.000,2010-11-01 16:26:43.360,35.3873,-77.9395,,28884,
23607,Travel,End,,2010-11-01 17:30:14.000,2010-11-01 17:23:57.897,35.2724,-81.1577,Return trip home,18822,
23608,OnSite,Begin,00100228007,2010-11-01 16:30:48.000,2010-11-01 18:38:32.700,35.3941,-77.994,,28880,
23609,Travel,Begin,00100228209,2010-11-01 17:45:16.000,2010-11-01 18:39:05.683,35.3941,-77.994,,28884,
23610,OnSite,End,00100228007,2010-11-01 17:45:52.000,2010-11-01 18:41:36.980,35.3941,-77.994,,28884,
23611,OnSite,Begin,00100228209,2010-11-01 18:00:38.000,2010-11-01 18:42:12.763,35.3941,-77.994,,28888,
23612,OnSite,End,00100228209,2010-11-01 18:30:44.000,2010-11-01 18:43:29.123,35.3941,-77.994,,28888,
23613,Standby,Begin,,2010-11-01 18:30:58.000,2010-11-01 18:45:28.857,35.3941,-77.994,#1157 ergo,28888,
23614,Standby,End,,2010-11-01 18:45:26.000,2010-11-01 18:46:01.167,35.3941,-77.994,#1157 ergo redo,28888,
23615,Travel,Begin,,2010-11-01 18:45:24.000,2010-11-01 18:47:37.803,35.3941,-77.994,RTN,28888,
23616,Travel,End,,2010-11-01 20:45:05.000,2010-11-01 20:34:39.433,34.139,-77.895,#1142 Fueled,28990,

In this image you see that the highlighted rows are showing 6 end times with the same begin times. and records 14 and 15 show 2 begins and no ends.
enter image description here

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The problem is that I have duplicate entries were the entry should be marked as having no mate. Are these exact duplicates? If not, what defines a duplicate? How do we know which begin and end records to match, and which to mark as mateless? – Shannon Severance Oct 18 '12 at 23:56
A duplicate is anytime a begin or end record is reported more than once. in the image 9-13 are dupes as 23583 has already been reported. So 9-13 should be ends without a matching begin. Like 14 and 15 are begins without ends. – Joe Johnston Oct 19 '12 at 0:15
@JoeJohnston, could you possibly update the "DATA" section to include id and correct dates (all dates look like times w/o hours)? Records corresponding to your output image would be most helpful. – Tim Lehner Oct 25 '12 at 20:24
Or create a sql fiddle with a working data model. – bluefeet Oct 25 '12 at 21:07
So you want to find the end-record that is closest to a given begin record, but not after any other record of any type? ----- Or is it posible to have a situation like this: Begin-Travel, Begin-Standby, End-Travel, End-Standby? ----- Also, as bluefeet mentioned, a SqlFiddle or at least working insert statements for the data would be very helpful. – Sebastian Meine Oct 26 '12 at 1:33
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Here is a method which abuses the row_number function. Please check the comments for some explanation.

;with Seq as (
    -- Create a master sequence of events
    -- Trust the date column to be accurate (don't match a Begin to an earlier End)
    select id, activitytype, beginend
        , coalesce(businesskey, '') as businesskey -- Needed to match nulls as equal
        , [date], technician, note
        , row_number() over (partition by technician, businesskey, activitytype order by [date], beginend, id) as rownumber
    from TimeEntry
select as BeginID
    , as EndID
    , coalesce(b.technician, e.technician) as Technician
    , coalesce(b.businesskey, e.businesskey) as BusinessKey
    , coalesce(b.activitytype, e.activitytype) as ActivityType
    , coalesce(convert(char(10), b.[date], 103), 'Incomplete') as BeginDate
    , coalesce(convert(char(10), e.[date], 103), 'Incomplete') as EndDate
    , coalesce(convert(char(5), b.[date], 108), 'Incomplete') as BeginTime
    , coalesce(convert(char(5), e.[date], 108), 'Incomplete') as EndTime
    , b.note as BeginNote
    , e.note as EndNote
from (select * from Seq where beginend = 'Begin') b -- Get all Begins
    full outer join (select * from Seq where beginend = 'End') e -- Get all Ends
        on b.technician = e.technician
            and b.businesskey = e.businesskey
            and b.activitytype = e.activitytype
            and b.rownumber = e.rownumber - 1 -- Match a Begin with only the very next End of that type
order by coalesce(b.[date], e.[date])
    , coalesce(,
    , coalesce(b.technician, e.technician)
    , coalesce(b.businesskey, e.businesskey)
    , coalesce(b.activitytype, e.activitytype)

And the SQL Fiddle should anyone want the DDL or demo.

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Upvote from me for adding a demo. – slackmuggle Oct 28 '12 at 10:53
Both of these answers work swimmingly. Tim all things being equal you were first to answer and your code is about 20 lines shorter but you are also >3K rep I would like award the bounty to Steve /if/ its OK with you. – Joe Johnston Oct 30 '12 at 15:42
It's all good, as they say. I'm glad the ranking concept worked for you. – Tim Lehner Oct 30 '12 at 15:47
Another take away: After seeing SQLfiddle in action. I will make that part of any data question I ask from now on. – Joe Johnston Oct 30 '12 at 15:59
Thanks Joe much appreciated – Steve Ford Oct 30 '12 at 21:55

Using CTE's and Row_Number() I think I can return what you are looking for. The key is to only perform your full outer by joining on adajacent rows based upon an ordering of technician, businesskey, activitytype. Anyway here it is:

    select id, technician,businessKey,activityType, 
             CAST(date as date) As date, dateSubmitted,    
             beginEnd, note,
             ROW_NUMBER() OVER 
               (Partition BY technician, 
                businesskey, activityType 
                 ORDER BY dateSubmitted) as rowN
    from TimeEntry
    select id, technician,businessKey,activityType, 
             CAST(date as date) As date, 
             dateSubmitted, note, rowN
      from EventsCTE
      WHERE beginEnd = 'Begin'
    select id, technician,businessKey,
             activityType, CAST(date as date) As date, 
             dateSubmitted, note, rowN
    from EventsCTE
    WHERE beginEnd = 'End'
SELECT, As EndId, 
    COALESCE(B.activityType ,E.activityType ,'Not Available') AS ActivityType,
    COALESCE(convert(VARCHAR(12), B.[date], 103), 'Incomplete') As EventDate, 
    COALESCE(convert(VARCHAR(12), E.[date], 103), 'Incomplete') As EndDate,
    COALESCE(CONVERT(VARCHAR(5) , B.dateSubmitted , 108) , 'Incomplete') As StartTime, 
    COALESCE(CONVERT(VARCHAR(5) , E.dateSubmitted , 108) , 'Incomplete') As EndTime, 
    COALESCE(B.Note, E.note, '') as Note, 
    COALESCE(B.technician, E.technician, 'Not Available') As Technician --, B.rowN, E.rowN
 FROM BeginEventsCTE B
 FULL OUTER join EndEventsCTE E
    ON B.technician = E.technician AND
       B.businessKey = E.businessKey AND
       B.activityType = E.activityType AND = AND
       B.rowN = E.rowN - 1
    COALESCE(B.Technician, E.Technician),

And here's the results:

query results

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Virtually the same thing at the same time, awesomeness! – Tim Lehner Oct 26 '12 at 17:19
Tim, that's just totally bizarre. Get with those ROW_NUMBER()'s everyone – Steve Ford Oct 26 '12 at 17:22

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