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Here is a situation that I am trying to resolve. I have a table that is loaded with duplicates. It happened because similar rows were loaded from two or more different sources. That is being taken care of in the package.

But I want to delete those rows which are duplicates. There is no key attribute here. Example of the sources are Cleveland City and Ohio State. And I have a column that shows from which source the row was loaded from (DataSource column).

Thus in the row it shows as DataSource = 'Cleveland' or DataSource = 'Ohio'.

I want to keep those records that resulted to be duplicates when they got loaded from Ohio. Its 100k records I may have to use joins. And one more thing my main table is joined with other four or five tables with rId which is unique for each row, that's why you see me joining with this tables and I DO NOT think I did it right.

Could you check my work guys? I really appreciate it.

 --Delete ct from--this is to delete w/c is my main intention
        SELECT Rid,UID,ADDRESS,City,State,Zip,DataSource  
        FROM F_staRes where dataSource='Ohio'
     ) O inner join
           SELECT Rid,UID,ADDRESS,City,State,Zip,DataSource  
           FROM F_staRes 
           where DataSource  in   ('Clev','Columbus')
     ) ct
          on O.UID=ct.UID and O.ADDRESS=ct.ADDRESS  and O.City=ct.City and   
          O.State=ct.State  and O.zip=ct.zip

            join dbo.ResOrig ro
            on ct.rId=ro.rId 

            join dbo.ResSta rs
            on ct.rId=rs.rId

            join dbo.ResDest rd 
            on ct.rId=rd.rId

           where ct.DataSource in ('Clev','Columbus')
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Try this one

make sure you have columns to compare duplicates, and in order by column u have to keep asc or desc here in your case i written desc , first try selecting the rows by commenting delete statement it will show the rows it gone a delete if you fine just execute the script

;WITH tbl_online AS (
FROM F_staRes)
--SELECT *  FROM tbl_online WHERE Rnum >1
DELETE   FROM tbl_online WHERE Rnum >1
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,Thank you for looking into my problem.Your suggestion does work but my issue is my join with the other tables,as I have 100k rec I have to use joins.And it doent let me to do delete because of fk constraint..Thanks again..I hope this makes a bit sense. –  Mntne Dav Oct 18 '12 at 21:17
ohoo you can do like this , get duplicate uid's into temp table and delete in order means from child to parent –  Kumar_2002 Oct 18 '12 at 21:20

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