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I need to use the map function to get for example pence to pounds conversion. Sorry for the stupid question.. but I am a beginner.

del :: Int -> Float
del x =  ( fromIntegral x ) / 100

pounds :: [Int] -> [Float]
pounds = map del 

and I get this error..

*Main> pounds 45
    No instance for (Num [Int])
      arising from the literal `45'
    Possible fix: add an instance declaration for (Num [Int])
    In the first argument of `pounds', namely `45'
    In the expression: pounds 45
    In an equation for it': it = pounds 45
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It seems you typed

ghci> pounds 45

at the prompt. But pounds expects a list (of Int) as its argument. You should either use

ghci> del 45

there, or

ghci> pounds [45]

Since integer literals have an implicit fromInteger, GHC tries to find the conversion fromInteger :: Integer -> [Int], which would require an instance Num [Int], but it can't find one, that's the error it reports.

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pounds only works on lists, but you used it on a number.

pounds [45]

would work fine.

Usually when the compiler says its missing an instance, it usually means your argument is the wrong type or missing.

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The argument for pounds needs to be a list of Int, not an isolated Int.

Try doing pounds [45] instead.

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