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Let's suppose that I am writing Selenium tests for some public library website. The website has a login page. After logging into the website, I see a list of books. I can click on any of the links of the book titles. After clicking on a book title link, a summary of the book is dispalyed on the screen, and the url is something like:


If I change the guid in the url to some invalid guid, then instead of displaying the summary, the page displays a message:

No summary found.

I would like to create an automated test for this scenario.

I am trying to write methods like changeUrlGuid(), getUrlGuid(), etc. But how can I get the url text using Selenium Webdriver?

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You can get the current url of the page loaded by using getCurrentUrl() method.

String url = webdriver.getCurrentUrl();

Then, all you have to do is replace old guid with a new guid.

int numOfChars = 36;
int posOfQuestionMark = url.indexOf("?");
String newGuid = "..."; // put new/wrong guid value here
String newUrl = url.substring(0, posOfQuestionMark-numOfChars)+newGuid+url.substring(posOfQuestionMark);


Now, load this new url in the browser.

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Thank you so much!!! You saved my life!! –  Maya Oct 25 '12 at 20:48
Thanks for this piece of code, made my work easy, I had similar question, where I had to replace a part of code and then post a webdriver get request. –  Prasad Jul 3 '13 at 19:22

Try the following:

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