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i am using subsonic 3.0 and active record with a mysql database now everything is fine, but i cant seem to create views see example:

public ActionResult Index()
        return View(contact.GetPaged(1,20));

now normally i would right click and choose Add View i would then choose strongly typed and find the class for the repositary

however for some reason the only classes i get showing up are for subsonic only but expect to see the new class from the new generated graniteMysqlDB

if anyone could please advice i would be most grateful as there doesent seem to be any forum links or anything for subsonic.


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Where is your SubSonic generated code, is it in the same assembly? –  John Rasch Aug 18 '09 at 21:00

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okay i have solved the problem, but the answer is here should anyone need it or wants to know what happened.

i put my TT files into the models folder, my namesspace should have been test2.Models

however it was test2

also i needed the using directive of using test2.Models; at the top of my page.

still get an error where i have to correct the view on the inherites it puts i have to change this to

very nice now is this subsonic very very fast loading compared to other stuff i have used.


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