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i've been browsing around the past two hours for a solution but to no avail. i've used git the past few months and have liked it, but just inherited a project that uses SVN.

i checked out a copy just fine last week. today i went to commit and had issues. i tried using Cornerstone as well as basic Terminal command lines. both pushback and won't allow me to commit these files.

this thread seemed promising

but from all that i can tell i have no casing discrepancies (aside: is there any way besides svn info and eyeballing to figure this out? maybe i've done my double checking incorrectly)

this is what i get in terminal:

svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: access to '/pra-003-11/!svn/act/74c82fe8-1606-4a70-a2ae-26cf6bd595f5' forbidden

and Cornerstone says this:

OPTIONS of 'https://myurl.svn.beanstalkapp.com/pra-003-11/trunk': authorization failed: Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic challenge (https://myurl.svn.beanstalkapp.com)

any help would be greatly appreciated.

and while i've got you here: would anyone say just move over to GIT? is it worth the trouble?

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If you get "Could not authenticate to server" it means exactly this problem: you can't correctly authenticate themselves on commit. If you didn't get auth-prompt it can means only one - you have stored credentials for this repo and they are wrong

You can:

  • remove outdated credentials and auth by hand at least once
  • use --username and --passsword options for command
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it allows me to login with the creds i'm using so it doesn't seem to be the problem –  John Blythe Oct 19 '12 at 3:40

i spoke with beanstalk support and it ends up that the project manager hadn't granted me proper access :p

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