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I created WPF UserControl which enables to enter some information now I have Main entry form where I want to use tow instances of that UserControl When I add my YserControl as Resource and than try to use it as ContrntControl's Content exception is thrown informing that control is already a logical child. Can anyone provide with sollution?

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You can use the x:Shared attribute so that whenever something references the resource, a new instance is created instead of it being shared.

Thus you might have something like this:

    <MyUserControl x:Key="MyControlKey" x:Shared="False" .... />
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I just found out way to not throw exception but I want to know if this is right sollution

            <TaicoControl:WizardPage Title="Title1"
            <ContentPresenter ContentTemplate="{StaticResource PersonEntryFormTemplate}" DataContext="{Binding Person}" />
        <TaicoControl:WizardPage Title="Title2"
            <ContentPresenter ContentTemplate="{StaticResource PersonEntryFormTemplate}" DataContext="{Binding Person.ContactPerson}" />
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