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My program suppose to exit after any error occur! It gets 3 command line and validate and check if they are in range. if they are not, then must print the error and exit the program!

I did this with System.exit(); However, if the program get 2 bad entries it only print the first error and jump out of the program!

is there any other ways that I can jump out of my program after showing all errors?

here is my code:

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you are calling System.exit(1) from many places. instead of doing this set a flag to indicate an error, then check the flag after you do 3 command line things. –  Ray Tayek Oct 18 '12 at 23:17

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could you just not add the error messages to a String array and print the array then at the end of the program before exiting

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You can remove all System.exit() and create a flag String[] with message error, and add print the String[] to show errors.

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