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I have an ArrayCollection that shows up on the main screen of my app. I previously had my code to push a view upon a selected index. Now that I have implemented my Search Bar for this array collection. The selected index does not match the search index . Ex. selected index == 0 used to be the A1c Calculator, if some one searchs the BMI calculator it then becomes the A1c because it is now in the selected index == 0.

How do I approach this by always pulling A1c when A1c is selected and so on and so forth, no matter what index it is. here is the code .

            '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <s:View xmlns:fx="" 
                    xmlns:s="library://" title="iCalculate">

                    <!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here -->

                    <s:VerticalLayout paddingTop="10"/>
                        import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
                        import mx.collections.ArrayList;
                        import mx.utils.object_proxy;

                        import spark.collections.Sort;
                        import spark.collections.SortField;
                        import spark.components.Image;
                        import spark.components.ViewMenu;

                        // This method contains the selection assignments for the                                Calculator Views
                        protected function calcList_changeHandler(event:IndexChangeEvent):void

                            if (calcList.selectedIndex == 0)//A1c Calculator
                            else if (calcList.selectedIndex ==1)//BMI Calculator
                            else if (calcList.selectedIndex ==2)//GPA Calculator
                            else if (calcList.selectedIndex ==3)//TIP Calculator


                    //Below This Line is the code for the Filter Feature
                    private function filterList():void{

                    private function searchList(item:Object):Boolean{
                        var isMatch:Boolean = false
                                isMatch = true
                            return isMatch;
                    private function clearSearch():void{


                <s:HGroup width="100%" height="43">
                    <s:TextInput id="search" width="100%" prompt="Search iCalculate" textAlign="center" change="filterList()"/>


                <s:List id="calcList" alternatingItemColors="[#e5e4e4,#ffffff]"

                        <s:ArrayCollection id="calcListCollection">  
                            <fx:Object name="A1c Calculator" />
                            <fx:Object name="BMI Calculator" />
                            <fx:Object name="GPA Calculator" />
                            <fx:Object name="Tip Calculator" />


                <s:Label width="100%" click="navigator.pushView(views.CompanyDetail)" color="#1021C7"


Thank you in advance.


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I think the reason is: you cann't use selectedIndex to identify a view.

So you can add a "viewId" property to your ArrayList's Object:

<fx:Object viewId="A1c" name="A1c Calculator"/>

and your list change event handler can use "viewId" to identify a view:

 if (calcList.selectedItem.viewId == "A1c")//A1c Calculator
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You are literally a genius. I thank you very much for showing me this. I am going to implement this within my code. So far it seems to be working. Thanks once again. ALL Heil Simmone lol. – Ryan Watts Oct 23 '12 at 4:04
This is correct, after reviewing the code the best approach was to create a view ID . I actually learned that an ID can be added to nearly any component that is on the GUI. I hope this information has helped others. – Ryan Watts Nov 25 '12 at 9:55

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