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Are there an easier way to do this than:

 <div data-bind="css: { high: selectedPriority() == 1, medium: selectedPriority() == 2}">

I have up to 6 steps? Alternative bind the attribute class and write the hole class list in js.

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In Knockout 2.2 (in RC as of 18 Oct 2012), you can give the css binding a class to set:

<div data-bind="css: priorityClass"></div>

priorityClass can then be a computed observable in your view model:

vm.priorityClasses = {1:'high', 2:'medium' /*...*/};
vm.priorityClass = ko.computed(function() {
    return this.priorityClasses[this.selectedPriority()];
}, vm);

If you don't want the computed observable, you could put that logic directly in the binding:

<div data-bind="css: priorityClasses[selectedPriority()]"></div>

Until 2.2 is released, you can use the class custom binding instead.

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