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I am using Fiddler v4.4.1.1 beta.

I once activated automatic before the request breakpoint. Now I have disabled it back, but Fiddler continues to break. I do not know what to do.


enter image description here

Notice, the breakpoints are disabled and the same tells the status line - there is no breakpoint icon there.

Yet, the breakpoint is still active:

enter image description here

This is terribly annoying! I cannot use Fiddler anymore!

I have issued the bpafter, bps, bpv, bpm and bpu commands without any arguments to clear any possible breakpoint. I have never thought I would ever call Fiddler like this, but the damn thing continues to break!

Please, help anyone. I must have Fiddler back!

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In this screenshot, you can see that the Filters are active by the checkmark in the tab's icon. If you're ever curious in the future about why a given breakpoint was hit, right-click the Session and choose "Properties." In the window, you'll see the Flag's value like so: X-BREAKREQUEST: BreakXHR –  EricLaw Oct 20 '12 at 14:09
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Yeah, I finally found it.

There is another place where breakpoints are exposed - the filter tab, which I often use, but never knew it controls breakpoints as well: enter image description here

The confusing part is that I have never touched this option - only used the host filter part. Apparently, setting an auto breakpoint in the rules menu now sets this flag too, silently. But it is not cleared back when I disable the breakpoint, which is a terrible UI experience.

Anyway, I am glad I have found it.

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Sorry, but no, that is not correct. The only way that checkbox gets checked is if you specifically check it. No other setting impacts it. –  EricLaw Oct 20 '12 at 14:04
I am sorry, but I know what I was doing. Today is the first time I have ever seen this checkbox. Turned breakpoints on in the rules menu - yes, ticked this checkbox - never. Fiddler is absolutely great (thank you very much for it), but as any software it has bugs and this is probably one of them. –  mark Oct 20 '12 at 20:10
No one would suggest that Fiddler is bug-free, but with millions of users and 9 years of maintenance, I'm confident in saying that this isn't one of them. :-) –  EricLaw Oct 25 '12 at 22:13
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