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I’m doing performance testing for my application. I gathered around 100 queries from the application and wanted execute the queries exactly as it's being executed through the application. As some quires are giving more than 1000 records, I wanted to hide the sql output in log file. I just wanted to collect Elapsed Time and Explain Plan.

Sql Template File:

spool &1

set timing on
set linesize 100
set pagesize 5000
set termout off
set echo on

set autotrace on exp stat

define sql_version = '0.1';

set echo on;
set heading off;
set feedback off;
set verify off;
set timing off;
select  ' Baseline SQL Testing - Version &sql_version : Date - ' || sysdate from dual;
set timing on;
set verify on;
set feedback on;
set heading on;
set echo on;

spool off;
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set autotrace traceonly exp stat

will cause SQL*Plus not to print the results of the query. It sounds like that's what you're looking for.

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