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I need to programmatically start or stop a flow or endpoint from another flow. Can this be done? Is there risk of message loss?

<flow name="control>
  <vm:inbound-endpoint path="in">
    <!-- start/stop -->

<flow name="startable-stoppable>
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After some research I've found that the best option in my case is to start/stop the connectors associated with the endpoints I want to control.

  <script:script engine="groovy">
    muleContext.getRegistry().lookupConnector('connectorName').start() // or stop()

A disadvantage of this approach is that all the endpoints associated with the connector will be affected. If this is a problem, every endpoint should have its own connector.

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You can control the lifecycle of Mule moving parts with JMX: use JConsole to find out what MBean you need to access from your scripted component.

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Not sure if this is what I need, seems like your solution filters the message to prevent its processing. In my case the inbound endpoint shouldn't consume messages at all. –  Daniel Oct 19 '12 at 13:00
You are right, I changed my response. –  David Dossot Oct 19 '12 at 14:50

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