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I have this function that is supposed to check for the existence of images up to the point where they stop appearing, based on their title:

function LoadPictures(){
        const PIC_MAX = 12;

        var i = 1;

        while (i <= PIC_MAX){
            $.ajax({url: "pic" + i + ".jpg",
                type: "HEAD",
                success: function(){
                    $("body").append("<img src='pic" + i + ".jpg' />");
                error: function(){
                    i = PIC_MAX + 1;


And yet, when I run the function, all I get are blank boxes. I know the loop correctly counted the existing images based on the amount of boxes appearing, but it failed to load them. Why is that?

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Have you inspected the markup generated by this script? –  Kevin Boucher Oct 19 '12 at 2:28

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It's because the callback is asynchronous, so the value of i will likely be the last value in the loop every time the callback executes. Consider the following example (DEMO):

var length = 10;
var url = window.location;
for (i=0 ; i<length ; i++) {
    $.get(url, function(result) {

Here, the value logged for i will not be 1 through 10, because i is a local variable that continues to get updated while the server sends a response.

You can use a technique called "currying" to get around this. Wrap your callback function in another function, which passes in the current value of i immediately (DEMO):

success: (function(i){
    return function() {
        $("body").append("<img src='pic" + i + ".jpg' />");
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Worked like a charm. It's a rather odd piece of code for me. So, I never would have figured it out. Thanks for the tip. –  Pori Oct 19 '12 at 4:43

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