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Can someone please advise how i can create an expression for use in a msaccess query, that strips out , and . characters and replaces them with a space

for example i have a data field containing customer names (eg Mickey Mouse Company, Ltd.)

i need to extract this from the database using a query, and export it to csv file, but as you can imagine the , in the customer name creates problems in the csv file

will it possible to creat an expression to strip these punctuation marks out and replace them with a space so that the subsequent csv file doesnt get messed up

many thanks in anticipation

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Yes, use the replace function. Syntax is like string, find, replace, so something like this (if you're using the query designer):

field_name: replace([field_name], ",", " ") 
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thats perfect thanks very much – superllanboy Oct 19 '12 at 3:23

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