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I am trying to make a multirow table in LaTeX which looks like the true positive, true negative, etc table shown in this Wikipedia article.

I am trying to use multirow, but I'm not sure how to get the y hat to be 'outside' the table.

    \multicolumn{3}{c}{$y$} \\ \hline
    %\multirow{3}{*}{$\hat{y}$} \\ 
    & \textbf{T} & \textbf{F} \\ \hline
    \textbf{T} & TP  & FP \\ \hline     
    \textbf{F} & FN & TN \\ \hline
\caption{Truth and prediction comparison.}

Can anyone explain what I need to change here to achieve this?

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It's easiest to include the "out of table" components as part of the tabular structure:

enter image description here

\usepackage{multirow}% http://ctan.org/pkg/multirow
    \multicolumn{2}{c}{}  & \multicolumn{2}{c}{$y$} \\ \cline{3-4}
    \multicolumn{2}{c|}{} & \textbf{T} & \textbf{F} \\ \cline{2-4}
    \multirow{2}{*}{$\hat{y}$} & \textbf{T} & TP  & FP \\ \cline{2-4}    
    & \textbf{F} & FN & TN \\ \cline{2-4}
  \caption{Truth and prediction comparison.}

\clines are meant to put an \hline only in certain columns. \multicolumn is used to hide some of the vertical lines inserted using your tabular column specification.

On a side note, consider booktabs as a tabular representation alternative.

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