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I want to use --reload-on-rss and confused on what the value should be? I have 4 gigs of ram. I am using the gevent loop with one proccess per core. If total memory is greater that 3 gigs I want to reload.

/usr/local/bin/uwsgi --loop gevent --socket --processes 4 --pp /home/ubuntu/workspace/rtbopsConfig/rtbServers/rtbUwsgiServer/ --wsgi-file /home/ubuntu/workspace/rtbopsConfig/rtbServers/rtbUwsgiServer/uwsgiServer.py -b 32768 --master --async 20 --enable-threads --listen 2048 --memory-report`


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from uwsgi --help:

--reload-on-rss reload if rss memory is higher than specified megabytes

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