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I am trying to get the port information from the header request in PHP. Code Igniter to be specific?

I tried doing:

    $headers = apache_request_headers();

Port Information is not available.

We are using an Elastic Beanstalk from Amazon as a server. We were told that: There is a header sent from the EC2 load balancer called "X-Forwarded-Proto" which fluctuates depending on if we are http or https.

If I try to do:

    $headers = apache_request_headers(); 
    $port = $headers["X-Forwarded-Port"]; 
    echo "X-Forwarded-Port : " . $port;

This gives me an ERROR - 2012-10-19 00:48:05 --> Severity: Notice --> Undefined index: X-Forwarded-Port

I would appreciate any thoughts on how to get the PORT information from the headers!

Thanks in advance!

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Do a print_r for $_SERVER and see what's coming in –  xelber Oct 19 '12 at 6:03

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$_SERVER['REMOTE_PORT'] for remote port
$_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] for server port
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