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I wrote a simple authentication plugin that uses a SOAP webservice to check the username and the password. That works fine.

I wanted to have some parameter like the SOAP password in the admin of joomla. So I have added the params in the xml, it shows fine in the admin. When I try to get the value of it the php, I get:

Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object

So I compared with other authentication and I do it exactly the same way.... I do not understand why it is so.

Here is the code of the Plugin:

public function __construct() {
    $nusoap = JPATH_SITE . '/plugins/authentication/ers/nusoap/lib/nusoap.php';
    if (! file_exists ( $nusoap )){
                $response->error_message = "No such file";
    require_once ($nusoap);


function onUserAuthenticate($credentials, $options, &$response)

        //Without defaults (the plugin crashes on the first get() bellow)
        $webservice = $this->params->get('webservice', '');
        $group      = $this->params->get('group', '');
        $whitepaw   = $this->params->get('whitepaw', '');

        JRequest::checkToken() or die( 'Invalid Token' );
        // For JLog
        $response->type = 'ERS SOAP Webservice';

            // MyCompany does not like blank passwords (So does Joomla ;))
    if (empty($credentials['password'])) {
        $response->status = JAuthentication::STATUS_FAILURE;
        $response->error_message = JText::_('JGLOBAL_AUTH_EMPTY_PASS_NOT_ALLOWED');
        return false;

    if (empty($credentials['username'])) {
        $response->status = JAuthentication::STATUS_FAILURE;
        $response->error_message = JText::_('Please enter a username');
        return false;

           // Add a user to joomla
                function addJoomlaUser($name, $username, $password, $email, $group) {

                            $data = array(
                                "groups"=>array("1","2", $group) // the uer is added into the group "public" and "registered" as well as a group of the user's choice.


                            $user = clone(JFactory::getUser());
                            //Write to database
                            if(!$user->bind($data)) {
                                throw new Exception("Could not bind data. Error: " . $user->getError());
                            if (!$user->save()) {
                                throw new Exception("Could not save user. Error: " . $user->getError());

                        return $user->id;

            // Pour supprimer le cache du web-service
            ini_set('soap.wsdl_cache_enabled', 0);

            // Nouveau Client SOAP
            try {

                // Nouvelle instance de la classe soapClient
                $client = new SoapClient($webservice, array('trace' => true));

                $username = $credentials['username'];
                $password = $credentials['password'];

                $result = $client->CheckLogin(array('whitepaw'=>$whitepaw, 'username'=>$username, 'password'=>$password));


                        $name = $result->fname.' '.$result->lname;
                        $email = $result->email;

                        $response->error_message = $username.'<br>'.$password.'<br>'.$name.'<br>'.$email."<br><br>".
                                "<b>Request :</b><br>".htmlentities($client->__getLastRequest())."<br><br>".
                                "<b>RESPONSE :</b><br>".htmlentities($client->__getLastResponse())."<br><br>";

                        if(!$result->email == '' || empty ($result)) {
                            //Todo: check if the user is already in joomla db
                            $user_id = addJoomlaUser($name, $username, $password, $email,$group);
                            $response->status = JAuthentication::STATUS_SUCCESS;
                            //for testing purposes
                            $response->error_message = $user_id;
                      } else {
                           $response->error_message = "The webservice did not return data".$email.'did you see it?';


                } else {
                    $response->status = JAuthentication::STATUS_FAILURE;
                    $response->error_message = 'You do not have yet an account in <a href="http://my.ersnet.org">myers</a>. Please register.<br>';
                    $response->error_message .= $result->isInDB;

                } catch (Exception $fault) {
                    $response->error_message = $fault->getMessage();



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Since you have your own constructor, you need to call the parent constructor like this:

public function __construct(& $subject, $params = array()) {
    $nusoap = JPATH_SITE . '/plugins/authentication/ers/nusoap/lib/nusoap.php';
    if (! file_exists ( $nusoap )){
                $response->error_message = "No such file";
    require_once ($nusoap);
    // call the parent constructor
    parent::__construct($subject, $params);

The parent constructor is where the $this->params object gets set, so if you don't call it then $this->params is never set. That's why you get the error saying params is not an object.

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Thank you. I understand the logic of your answer. I have tried but now it asks me for missing arguments... why so? in my constructor, I have none. – Samuel Oct 19 '12 at 6:57
What's the error? – MrCode Oct 19 '12 at 7:02
Warning: Missing argument 1 for JPlugin::__construct(), called in /home/forum/public_html/plugins/authentication/ers/ers.php on line 30 and defined in /home/forum/public_html/libraries/joomla/plugin/plugin.php on line 55 Fatal error: Call to a member function attach() on a non-object in /home/forum/public_html/libraries/joomla/event/event.php on line 39 but if I remove the constructor and call the lib nusoap in the plugin method every thing is fine... @MrCode – Samuel Oct 19 '12 at 7:06
@Wiglaf Edited my answer, there is a $subject argument that it needs. – MrCode Oct 19 '12 at 7:09
Fatal error: Call to a member function attach() on a non-object in /home/forum/public_html/libraries/joomla/event/event.php on line 39 There is maybe another one ? – Samuel Oct 19 '12 at 7:16

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