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I have a webview containing some text. I need to be able to swipe on the webview and make text selection at the same time. The problem is after I have implemented the swipe overriding the onTouchEvent method, the other features of the webview seem to have freezed, links in the webview aren't clickable anymore, and the text selection (after longClick) doesn't work anymore, I need to make to implement the swipe and preserve the other features of the webview.

I tried to override the longClick click method as well and use the following method to implement text selection:

public void selectAndCopyText() {
    try {
        Method m = WebView.class.getMethod("emulateShiftHeld", null);
        m.invoke(MyWebView.this, null);
    catch (Exception e1) {
        KeyEvent shiftPressEvent = new KeyEvent(0,0,KeyEvent.ACTION_DOWN,KeyEvent.KEYCODE_SHIFT_LEFT,0,0);

but it didn't work for when this method is called I only get the upper bar for copy/ paste/ search/ websearch... but no actual selection on the webview occur. Any hint or suggestion would be truly appreciated.

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I was truly hoping for an answer, or a suggestion. If I have missed any details or have left some ambiguity in the question that are needed kindly let me know so I clarify. –  coder Oct 22 '12 at 10:24

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