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beforeFilter action is not calling from appController when i use UserController to login.

when I was developing it on the localhost it works fine. But in the Production server beforeFilter, beforeRender etc. actions are not calling, thats why i can not login into my app.

Any body have any solutions. How to overcome this bad situation ???


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Check out your production server's and local mahines date/time. If you can't login opnproduction system and there is no problem in local machine, it is very common that session is simply expired immediatly after login -> it ends befor it starts, cos of time on local system is way in the future compared to server's time...

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suddenly I saw my server's support they don't support session still now. Is this a problem not to login to my app. If this is the problem, how can i login to my app without session ? I know about the cookie but actually I don't know the steps to use only cookie for login process. Can you help me...? –  biswajitGhosh Oct 19 '12 at 9:44
This is the Support Link where they said about session :::: support.wpengine.com/php-session-variables –  biswajitGhosh Oct 19 '12 at 9:50

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