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i'm developing a simple three tabs app for Android and iPhone, using IBM Worklight as framework. Every tab links to a div with data-role="page", as jQuery Mobile specifications.

If I implement the jquery fixed persistent tabbar like is explained there (, i'm encountering some flickering on the tab item in page transition (with any transiction effect). If I set the default transition to "none", I could resolve this problem, but I lost the transiction native-like effect.

This behavior appears only if i test the App with a real android device (Xperia Neo, GS2).

If i navigate trough the pages of with my smartphone, especially here: i can't see the strange behavior, but the footer won't be persistent trough the pages, it just re-render like the whole content and this is worse (this happen with the stock browser or Dolphin, instead looks very well by using Chrome).

Is there a way to improve this effect or there is another way to implement fixed persistent tab bar?

I used as reference the default Android Contacts App.

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ever find a fix for this? – K2xL Jun 28 '13 at 18:13

Maybe you're getting this flicker because you're navigating between pages using rel="external". Try to pass from one page to the other without ajax and you'll see that flickering will dissapear

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No no, i have three div with data-role="page" in a single HTML page. – Axel92Dev Oct 19 '12 at 13:09
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The problem is due to poor performance of the WebView of the Android environment in rendering 3d transition. Solved by removing the transition effect with:

$.mobile.defaultPageTransition = "none";

Something else that could help is putting these attributes in the AndroidManifest.xml:

    android:xlargeScreens="false" />
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