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I am working on a KornShell (ksh) script running on a Solaris server that will send out an email when and error condition is met. I am sending the email via mailx.

Question: How to I set the "From" email address on the mailx command?

Current Code:

echo ${msg_txt} | mailx -s "Script Failure" ${to_email}

Note: The command works fine, however, the "From" is the name of the user I am running the script as and I would like for this to another email address.

How would I accomplish this?

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You can use the "-r" option to set the sender address:

mailx -r me@example.com -s ...
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@sth thx that worked! –  AieshaDot Aug 18 '09 at 23:03

In case you also want to include your real name in the from-field, you can use the following format

mailx -r "me@example.com (My Name)" -s "My Subject" ...

If you happen to have non-ASCII characters in you name, like My AEÆoeøaaå (Æ= C3 86, ø= C3 B8, å= C3 A5), you have to encode them like this:

mailx -r "me@example.com (My =?utf-8?Q?AE=C3=86oe=C3=B8aa=C3=A5?=)" -s "My Subject" ...

Hope this can save someone an hour of hard work/research!

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In case anyone's curious, the =?utf-8?...?= bit is a MIME encoded-word. –  Josh Kelley Apr 1 '14 at 13:25
The real name part of this doesn't work for me on solaris. The message successfully sends and has the proper email from, but each email I send the from is stripped down just to the email address. –  peabody May 28 '14 at 17:45

On debian where bsd-mailx is installed by default, the -r option does not work. However you can use mailx -s subject recipient@abc.com -- -f sender@abc.com instead. According to man page, you can specify sendmail options after --.

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Thanks for the tip, guess I should have read the synopsis in more detail. Unfortunately stuck with horrible bsdutils, glad to have a workaround. –  zmwangx Nov 18 '14 at 8:56
Unfortunately the DSA 3104-1 security update broke this method. Instead, the heirloom-mailx package can be installed, which does provide a -r option. –  praseodym Dec 17 '14 at 13:05

The "-r" option is invalid on my systems. I had to use a different syntax for the "From" field.

-a "From: Foo Bar <foo.bar@someplace.com>"
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The package nail provides an enhanced mailx like interface. It includes the -r option.

On Centos 5 installing the package mailx gives you a program called mail, which doesn't support the mailx options.

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