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So I just added paperclip and migrated it to a table called users_pictures. My Model looks like this:

class UsersPicture < ActiveRecord::Base
 attr_accessible :user_id, :users_picture_file, :users_picture_id,
                 :photo_file_name, :photo_content_type, :photo_file_size
  belongs_to :users
  has_attached_file :photo,
  :url => "/images/:attachment/:basename.:extension",
  :path => ":rails_root/public/images/:attachment/:basename.:extension"

So when I am accessing the "new.html.erb" page, I can add a picture to the form ... give it the user_id and submit. Rails does not show me any errors and the log even says:

Processing by UsersPicturesController#create as HTML

Parameters: {"commit"=>"Create Users picture",`

@content_type="image/jpeg", @tempfile=#<File:/tmp/RackMultipart20121019-14239-1edlwpp-0>, 
@headers="Content-Disposition: form-data; name=\"users_picture[photo]\"; filename=\"rh.jpeg
\"\r\nContent-Type: image/jpeg\r\n", @original_filename="rh.jpeg">}, "utf8"=>"✓"}
[paperclip] Saving attachments.
Redirected to xxxx/users_pictures/8
Completed 302 Found in 18ms (ActiveRecord: 1.2ms)

But the fileinfo is not being saved into database ... so I cannot display it. Firebug tells me something about the parameters for the POST method:

authenticity_token  0tbAZj5MKyN/uaj0ybaNsa0dZrxeS05OJNNA3ZNO8Uc=
users_picture[user_id]  12
users_picture[photo]    ÿØÿà�JFIF������ÿÛ�� !"&# /!$'),,-180*5*+,) 0%"5)-,*4,,,*,),),,,,,,,,,,,,,))),,,*,),,,,),),,,)).,ÿÀ��Ì�Ì"�ÿÄ��������������ÿÄ�E� ����!1AQ"aq2#BRbr¡3²¢±ÁÑ4SÓ%Cs£ÒáÿÄ������������ÿÄ�%��������!1"A2BQq¡ÿÚ���?�Þ4¥()JJRR ¥pLªXl °ôR|¨u]Þýú

And so on. So it is not saving the path into the database but the sourcecode of the picture? As you can see, I already set :url and :path (even without the :attachment because I don't know what it is)

In general, I just wanted to upload pictures to a certain path; and store the file information like name and size in my database.

My form from the view-folder looks like this:

<%= form_for(@users_picture, :html => { :multipart => true }) do |f| %>
 <%= f.file_field :photo %>

I will not post the show and index.html.erb because displaying is another thing - I first have to achieve to save all the data in the database + upload the pictures to certain folders. Any advice on how to do it correctly ?

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It doesn't look like anything is going wrong at this stage. Why do you say the file info is not being saved in your database? What's the result of User.find(12).user_photo (or .user_photos if it's a has_many relation)? The problem is likely with retrieving the uploaded file, not saving it (as you can see, paperclip says that it's saving the image in your server log). –  gregates Oct 19 '12 at 13:32
Yeah it's like the FILE is not being handled at all. User.find(12).users_pictures gives for example #<UsersPicture users_picture_id: 42, user_id: 12, photo_file_name: nil, photo_content_type: nil, photo_file_size: nil> –  user1697061 Oct 19 '12 at 15:18
Hmm. What's your controller action that processes the form submit look like? –  gregates Oct 19 '12 at 15:30
Also, try adding some styles to has_attached_file. I'm not sure about this, but it's possible that paperclip won't even save an :original imagine unless you give it at least one :style. E.g., :styles => { :thumb => "100x100>" } –  gregates Oct 19 '12 at 15:32

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You don't need to set attr_accessible on those subfields. The only thing you need to mark as attr_accessible is the :photo attribute:

class UsersPicture < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :user_id, :users_picture_file, :users_picture_id, :photo
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So amazing, it is actually working instantly. Thank you so much ! –  user1697061 Oct 22 '12 at 7:26

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