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I have this config in my Nginx server:

limit_rate 500k;
location ~ \.mp4$ {
    limit_rate_after 4m;
    limit_rate 90k;
    limit_req zone=one burst=5;
    limit_conn addr 2;

I want the speed and the burst controlled on the fly by a mean of cookies (can't alter URL as I need it in certain length/structure)

Is there a way to put something like this?

    limit_rate_after {$cookie_burst}m;//how can I use cookie value here along with m[Megabytes]?

Edit: I cahnged the URL requesting the mp4 file, adding a burst argument, now using $arg_burst in Nginx config file.

However, I can test for $arg_burst but I can't use it in a line like this:

This works:

if ($arg_burst = "1m"){
   limit_rate_after 1m;

This doesn't :( :

if ($arg_burst != ""){
   limit_rate_after $arg_burst;

Any workaround to put whatever value I want there, on the fly?

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Could you define a number of levels/steps and use if statements to control things that way? I know it's not optimal, but it should work at a simple level. Otherwise, maybe create a script to define a large number of if/levels and import that file? –  unpluggd Apr 5 '13 at 14:53

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