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The OAuth2 PHP client code is awesome. It gives great examples on how to use OAuth 2 with Google APIs. The problem is that I only want to use OAuth 2 for authentication NOT for authorization. I've looked around in the API for something that just authenticates but I can't find the right class.

How do I configure the Google PHP client to only authenticate via OAuth?

I considered just authenticating the client (i.e. `$client->authenticate($_GET['token'])) but that's not ideal because the user is still asked to authorize access to different resources. I don't want to see their email, picture, etc. I just want Google to verify that they are who they say they are.

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Well, OAuth is an open standard for authorization and not for authentication!

Most providers however give you the chance to query a users profile, so you can authenticate the user. Without the access to his profile data, especially his user id, you can not achieve this.

See Google's documentation for obtaining the user's profile information for login.

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There is a section in the Google API documentation that says "OAuth:Login" which led me to believe that there was a way to use OAuth for authentication only. – Avery Oct 24 '12 at 8:39

If you only want to use authetication you have to use: OpenID / Federated Login. See:

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