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I had some issues with the structure of requests, which the tree-store sent. But I could modify it with an beforeload listener.

store.on( 'beforeload', function( s, o ) {
  if( o.params.parent === 'root' ) delete o.params.parent; 

In the normal store, the operation argument doesn't contain a params attribute somehow... Problem is, the server always want a sortby and sortorder parameter, but

the store has

  • just a sort parameter (which contains the sortby and sortorder)
  • just sends this parameter when I sort a table and not at begining (if I put it in extra params of the proxy, this always overrides the store sort parameter)

So I want to split sort up into sortby and sortorder and send those params every time the store requests something.

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The first problem I got by with 3 config parameters for the proxy:

simpleSortMode: true
sortParam     : 'sortby'
directionParam: 'sortorder'

which split the

.../?sort=[[{property:'visits', direction: 'DESC'}]]&...



The second problem, that the store didn't send the sort parameters from the beginning I solved with the sort() method of the store.

constructor: function( config ) {
   this.sort( config.sortby, config.sortorder );

I simply used it to init the store with default sorting, before it even loaded data from the server. This caused it to send the sort-params with the first request.

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