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I'm new on iOS programming. My situation is that I try inserting a row into tableview, I've try the function insertRowsAtIndexPath:withRowAnimation but it's animation is so fast. How can I make it slower?

I've got some answers that iOS does NOT allow to adjust its speed, so it's necessary to do my own animation within a block when calls insertRowsAtIndexPath:withRowAnimation likes


But what exactly must I do in the block? Could anybody show me, I just want to make the animation slower!

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There is not method insertRowsAtIndexPath:withRowAnimation:^{.....} thus you have to either accept the fact the the animation is going to fast or write you own animation code. Which for UITableView will be vary hard to do.

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How can I write my own animation code? Can I get the specified cell on the tableview, and then animate it. Can you clear it for me, I can't make it work. – Scofield Tran Oct 19 '12 at 9:16

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