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Is there a way to get security and privacy settings of a Facebook account? The app that's being designed will need to:

  • login to a Facebook account,
  • retrieve all privacy and security settings, and
  • display the settings on a single page in a custom way.

I did a lot of online searching, checked the FB Developer's site, but found nothing relevant so far.

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there is the security_settings endpoint, I dont know that it will provide what you are looking for tho... it is /me?fields=security_settings

you can explore it at

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Things you can fetch via the API:

The post visibility chosen by the user for your app:

SELECT name, value, description, allow, deny, networks, friends FROM privacy_setting WHERE name = 'default_stream_privacy'

More details in the privacy_setting FQL table documentation

The user's HTTPS settings (thanks to NappingRabbit for this one too):


Returns an object describing the security settings of the user, only HTTPS setting is enabled:

  "security_settings": {
    "secure_browsing": {
      "enabled": true
  "id": "<USER ID>"

The privacy settings associated with individual posts Returned when accessing the posts directly, or via the Privacy FQL table

An example of retrieving the settings directly: USERID_POSTID/?fields=privacy:

privacy": {
    "description": "Friends, <community name>; Except: Restricted", 
    "value": "CUSTOM", 
    "friends": "ALL_FRIENDS"
  "id": "POST ID HERE", 
  "created_time": "2012-10-18T02:49:59+0000"

There is no API access to the user's privacy settings on (except for content-level privacy as i mentioned above) and attempting to automate logins and crawl Facebook's interface retrieve them will likely trip security protections

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I hate to revive an old post, but I think you're one of the few StackOverflow users who would know, and I don't know how to message you. I'm working on an iPhone app and hope to be able to change the privacy setting of posts on a user's wall. For example, I want to be able to go through my status updates in an app and select which ones I want to be private. Is this possible at all with the Facebook iOS SDK or Graph API? Is there a workaround? Thanks ahead of time! :) – felix_xiao Jul 24 '13 at 23:19

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