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I am writing a web application using java on the Google app engine. Everything was working ok cause I had deployed and run the application numerous times. After I updated my jdk 7 to update 6 (had a lower version of jdk 7) and deployed it I started getting a 500 Http response code (internal server error). When I check the logs a:

 Uncaught exception from servlet
javax.persistence.PersistenceException: Provider error. Provider: 
    at javax.persistence.Persistence.createFactory(
at javax.persistence.Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory(
at javax.persistence.Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory(

I am using the jpa datanucleus version 1 because I need support for the jersey framework which was giving some incompatibility issues. I don't know what is causing this problem cause I haven't changed anything in my code since the last deployment that worked. Help please!!!!

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My problem was cause by the update I made to the jdk. I downgraded it to jdk 6,changed the project compiler version to 1.6, recompiled, deployed and that fixed the problem.

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