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I want to find a way to properly test my code with Factory Boy.

There are a model, like this:

from django.db import models

class MyModel(models.Model):
    param1 = <some field>
    param1 = <some field>
    param1 = <some field>

    def is_smth(self):
        <some complicated code that returns boolean>

There is a factory for this model:

import factory

class MyModelFactory(factory.DjangoModelFactory):
    param1 = <some value>
    param2 = <some value>
    param3 = <some value>

    # And here i need to "rewrite" property of the model
    # so that it would always return true

Can anyone help me with that? I didn't found mentions about this in factory boy's documentation, and various variants i've tried doesn't seem to work.

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Have you tried using mocks?

def test_is_smith(self):
    mymodel = MyModel()
    with mock.patch('MyModel.is_smith', new_callable=mock.PropertyMock) as mocked_model:
        mocked_model.return_value = True
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