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I am not doing changes to the submodule and it keeps making problems every time I am merging or committing.

Is there a way to ignore that ?

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I am not an expert with XCode projects; But to my understanding this folder holds important files (see here

  1. But if you know what you're doing, and you'd like to ignore changes to RestKit.xcodeproj, do this

    git update-index --assume-unchanged $(git ls-files RestKit.xcodeproj | tr '\n' ' ')
    Better explained here

  2. You could also just add the folder to .gitignore, but when commiting don't use -a switch. Adding the folder to .gitignore file (in the base git folder, if it doesn't exist create it) is done with this line:


  3. If you'd like to completely stop tracking the folder, do this:

    git rm -r RestKit.xcodeproj Then, add the folder to .gitignore file as explained above.

You can probably fine some usefull information in Git ignore file for Xcode projects

Hope I helped.

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