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I've got a tool where i have to input some words, it has to go in:


I have multiple inputs in a form that has to come back in ['searchqueries'] looking like: word1, word2, word3, word4.

This is what i have now, but it just comes back array, and not seperated

<fieldset style="border: none;">
<label for="searchquerie1">Zoekwoord 1:</label><input type="text" id="searchquerie1" name="searchqueries[]" maxlength="256" value="" /><br>
<label for="searchquerie2">Zoekwoord 2:</label><input type="text" id="searchquerie2" name="searchqueries[]" maxlength="256" value="" /><br>
<label for="searchquerie3">Zoekwoord 3:</label><input type="text" id="searchquerie3" name="searchqueries[]" maxlength="256" value="" /><br>
<label for="searchquerie4">Zoekwoord 4:</label><input type="text" id="searchquerie4" name="searchqueries[]" maxlength="256" value="" /><br>
<input type="hidden" name="fset"/>

what do i have to do to make this work



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I don't know if i really get your question right.. but you can just change the name attribute from "searchqueries[]" to "word1", "word2", etc. and then the values will be transmitted in $_POST["word1"], $_POST["word2"].. – mboldt Oct 19 '12 at 9:13

you can use implode to glue elements in array together with , into a string.

say $arr = array('a','b','c');

$str = implode(',',$arr);
echo $str; // will output a,b,c
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$combined = implode(',', $_POST['searchqueries']);

the string $combined with contains all the values seperated by a comma.

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Use foreach

$varb = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['searchqueries']);//sanitize the input
foreach($varb as $vals)
echo $vals['searchqueries'];
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Sure, if you pass the values as array searchqueries[] you will retrieve an array…

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