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I want to receive in my output value of variable check
that was dfeined with #define check something Is it possible to receive this value with some preprocessor directive?
for example something like this:
#error check

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what? what are you trying to achieve? – Naveen Oct 19 '12 at 9:28
@Naveen I have somwere defined check (#define check something) with some value that i don't know actually and i want to check what value in check variable now. – Arseniy Oct 19 '12 at 9:29
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The #error directive is not macro-expanded. Nor is #warning.

This means that you cannot output preprocessor expressions using #error or #warning

The closest you can get to giving messages dependent on the values of preprocessor expressions is something like this:

#if (MACRO < 12)
#error MACRO was less than 12
#elif (MACRO >15 && MACRO < 19)
#error Another message about MACRO

See "Conditionals" in the documentation for more:

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Variables don't have values at compile time, only at run-time. The preprocessor doesn't operate at run-time, only at compile-time.

Also, the preprocessor doesn't parse the language, it only manipulates text. It doesn't know about your variable declarations.

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If you HAVE TO get its value, try to just pre-process the file which has potential error.

 for gcc: gcc -E

Then you can MANUALLY check what it was expanded to.

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