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I'm using the http://wpfmdi.codeplex.com/ library to handle MDI in my WPF application.

I've got a Canvas which contains a child container, which is to contain a number of small windows. I want the windows to be opened at position x=500, y=500. I have managed to achieve this with my current code, however strangely enough when the first window is opened, it is not show - i.e. the canvas remains blank. Then, once I add another window, both windows appear in the correct place.

Below I've pasted my XAML and the code which opens a new window in the canvas.

<Window x:Name="VisualQueryBuilderWindow" x:Class="QueryBuilder.VisualQueryBuilder"
    Title="Visual Query Builder" WindowState="Maximized" Closing="VisualQueryBuilderWindow_Closing">
    <Style TargetType="TreeView">
        <Setter Property="Padding" Value="0,0,20,0"/>
        <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="Gray"/>
        <Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="0,0,5,0"/>
    <DockPanel LastChildFill="True">
        <TreeView DockPanel.Dock="Left" 
            <TabItem Name="tabQueryBuilder" Header="Query Builder">
                <Canvas Name="cnvsMain" Background="LightGray" AllowDrop="True" Drop="cnvsMain_Drop">
                    <mdi:MdiContainer Name="mainContainer" Background="LightGray">
            <TabItem Name="tabResults" Header="Results"></TabItem>

        TableWindow tableWindow = new TableWindow(tableName);

        MdiChild child = new MdiChild()
            MaximizeBox = false,
            MinimizeBox = false,
            Resizable = true,
            ShowIcon = false,
            Title = tableName,
            Content = tableWindow.Content as UIElement //Opens new instance of my window class

        child.Position = new Point(500, 500);

Please note that I've also tried setting the position inside the block of the MdiChild instantiation and it did not work there either.

UPDATE: I think it's also worth mentioning that my MdiContainer is placed within a tab, and I noticed that if I change tab and switch back to the one with the container, the window displays. Thus, could it be some sort of refreshing problem?

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Just had a thought, what about calling mainContainer.InvalidateArrange() after setting the position? –  mlorbetske Oct 19 '12 at 9:57
@mlorbetske No luck either :( –  Dot NET Oct 19 '12 at 9:59
@mlorbetske Added an update to the question –  Dot NET Oct 19 '12 at 10:01
@DotNET Could you give us a short snippet of your exact control hierarchy ? –  Sisyphe Oct 19 '12 at 10:04
I've added all my XAML code to the question –  Dot NET Oct 19 '12 at 10:08

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Try this code before instantiating your TableWindow

mainContainer.SetBinding(WidthProperty, new Binding("ActualWidth") { Source = cnvsMain });
mainContainer.SetBinding(HeightProperty, new Binding("ActualHeight") { Source = cnvsMain });

You can also do it in the xaml :

<mdi:MdiContainer Name="mainContainer" Background="LightGray" Width="{Binding ActualWidth, ElementName=cnvsMain}" Height="{Binding ActualHeight, ElementName=cnvsMain}">

Actually it's not a very satisfying fix. There seems to be an issue with the library, it should update the container size when a child's position is set.

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Thanks so much, it solved the problem :) –  Dot NET Oct 19 '12 at 11:47
You're welcome ! –  Sisyphe Oct 19 '12 at 11:53

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