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I'm uploading the first version of my iOS application for review, Whereas my application has an In-App purchase. I made my app status to Ready for upload while getting in its Binary upload section. But later i got that i have to submit my first In-App purchase along application version.

Now i cant edit In-App purchase section in application version meta data as it states that you can't submit in app purchase with this version as its already submitted for review.

I haven't uploaded binary yet in this version, now two solutions which i think could be

1- I email Apple review team to change my app status from Ready to upload back to Prepare for upload OR 2- Upload a binary and then reject it but i'm confused that whether rejecting binary would revert my app status to Prepare for upload or Waiting for upload.

Please suggest some way out if you have faced this issue.

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I forgot to submit any IAPs with my first binary and got rejected ("can't purchase anything = can't review app"). I also hurried and clicked 'ready to upload binary' without editing IAPs first. I just submitted the same binary again and quickly rejected it. Then, I could edit IAPs, and finally re-submitted the binary one more time. Hope this helps.

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1.Upload the current binary.

2.Make it "developer rejected".

3.Upload a new binary of your choice.

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