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I am making a hang man game for fun to teach myself the basics of python and i am stuck at developing a function that completes the following tasks: 1. function name = letter_guesser(unguessed_cons,difficulty): now explanation of both parameters; difficulty reports to two types of modes, Easy and Hard. In easy mode the computer randomly selects a letter from the unguessed_cons list and outputs set character, for example letter_guesser('abcdefg','Easy') 'd' (randomly selected)

2 option: the player picks the other type of difficulty, Hard mode. This is where it gets tricky,

in this game mode there is another constant called PRIORITY_CONSONANTS which is a list of alphabetical letters that have priority over other consonants inputed by the user at the start of the function, so for example ; PRIORITY_CONSONANTS = 'tnrslhdcmpfgybwvkqxjz', so t is the most priority, so if t = in unguessed_cons it would be outputed, ex: letter_guesser('atdcdg','HARD') 't' (first in priority constants and present in unguessed_cons)

* hope that clarifies it guys

What i have thought about: 1. if easy mode = selected; randomly select a consonant from unguessed_cons elif hard mode = selected; no idea how to get the computer to scan and print once it finds the most higher power of PRIORITY_CONSONANTS(ex, a,b,c,d) a = scanned and searched for first, then b, etc, until it finds a match and outputs set character.

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You aren't actually asking a question here. What have you tried, what has got you stuck and what are you trying to find out? Take a look at the "Homework Question" guidelines here (meta.stackexchange.com/questions/10811/…) and edit or ask again. –  Wolfwyrd Oct 19 '12 at 10:38
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This is not a complete soultion, but should give you an idea how to do it.

In [349]: from random import choice

In [350]: choice('absderg')
Out[350]: 'b'

As python is open source you can look at the code:

def choice(self, seq):
        """Choose a random element from a non-empty sequence."""
        return seq[int(self.random() * len(seq))]  # raises IndexError if seq is empty
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