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I create a voice mail real time and trying to listen with voicemailmain() application but while listing they are providing me a lot of option

Defaults to 'INBOX' (or '0').
        0 - INBOX
        1 - Old
        2 - Work
        3 - Family
        4 - Friends
        5 - Cust1
        6 - Cust2
        7 - Cust3
        8 - Cust4
        9 - Cust5

but i set INBOX only and working also then also provide me all other option like advance option 3 etc etc.. I just want to listen first voicemail and then hang up.i do not want to enter customer enter DTMF while Listing..Any body have any idea about how to disable options in voicemailmain() application.

i just want to know how do i do for disable options while playing my inbox folder files

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why am i being down voted? – Bhavik Patel Oct 19 '12 at 13:03

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