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For the Log purpose, I want to know the name of method at runtime.


public void methodA(){
Log.e("INSIDE", "//some code here to get the name of methodA");

If I will get the name of method at runtime, it will reduce my repetitive task of inserting same log in different methods.

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I assume this is Java... If that is the case, this returns the name of the method you are currently in.

String methodName = new Exception().getStackTrace()[0].getMethodName()

Be careful though, don't put this in a method, because then that will return the name of that method. You could also use this:

public String getMethodName() {
    return new Exception().getStackTrace()[1].getMethodName();

This observes the second element of the stack trace, returning the correct method name.


Though the first does what it takes, this is nicer: doesn't involve creating a new object at least:


Warning I have to mention that all this however has an adverse impact on performance...

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