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I changed my code to not need this answer anymore, but I'm still asking for curiosity's sake.

After much searching I found this question and a few others like it. I've been looking for a way to take the JSON that would be returned by a JsonResult and use it in a view. The problem with that answer, and others, is they seem to be unsafe. Some sources I found suggested something like this:


First of all, Json.Encode doesn't seem to exist anymore. Second, If I use Raw, then not only is the JSON syntax unencoded, the model contents aren't either. If a user enters a <script> tag into their information, it will get spit out that way and executed. If I don't use Raw, the JSON is escaped too by the view writer.

The reason I wanted this is because I have a page that's using some jQuery templating, and on first load, I wanted to still use the templates by having the view output a script tag that fired them.

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