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In applications based on NetBeans Platform 7.2, it is possible to replace the ModuleInstall classes with this code:

import org.openide.modules.OnStart;
import org.openide.modules.OnStop;

public final class Installer implements Runnable {

   public void run() {
       System.out.println("enable something...");

   public static final class Down implements Runnable {
       public void run() {
           System.out.println("disable something...");

My problem is that, after obfuscation, the class loader does not find the annotated classes.

In the Proguard configuration I added (as suggested here)

-keep @org.openide.modules.OnStart class *

But apparently this is not enough or it does not work.

Does anybody have a suggestion?

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@jolivier -keepattributes *Annotation* does not help. – Angelo Jan 10 '13 at 11:32

From I could figure out, you need to explicitly keep the annotations that you use to keep whatever specifications. So, in your case, adding

-keep enum org.openide.modules.OnStart

would allow this annotation to be used as a selector. Proguard really ought to include a warning message if annotation selectors are not actually matching. It also doesn't really make sense to keep the annotation, especially if it's not of runtime retention.

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Have you tried -keepattributes *Annotation*? It might do the trick, based on proguard usage.

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It doesn't help. – Pawel Veselov May 8 '13 at 8:37

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