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Am very new to RequireJS here and trying to learn how to adopt to the structure. As of now, I've managed to create a structure as following


above image shows the structure of my code. Where by the folder "my" is supposed to contain all my modules, I plan to write inside each module its own models.js, views.js to be used later on by backbone.js

At this point I have couple questions as following

  1. Can anyone by looking at the structure tell if its a good idea or if I should reconsider?

The second question is have is related to how I should manage conditionally loading my modules. Below is my config.js file


    function($, ui, bootstrap, base, vehicle) {
        //plugins have been loaded.


am still not sure how to load module vehicle when am browsing or load module accounts when am browsing accounts. The backend is developed using django, I could create several config.js files for each module but am not sure if this is the correct approach or not.

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I noticed the Django tag on this question. If you're looking to optimize your RequireJS modules whenever you run ./manage.py collectstatic, take a look at django-require. github.com/etianen/django-require (Disclaimer: I wrote this Django app) –  Dave Feb 5 '13 at 10:08

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The essence of requireJS is modularization . IF you are loading any scripts , you should put path configs into the rquireJS config section. However if you are want conditional use /loading of files . Then you have to wrap your code around define module . somewhat like this


    jquery: 'libs/jquery/jquery-1.7.2.min',
    jqueryui: 'libs/jquery/jquery-ui-1.8.20.min',
    bootstrap: 'libs/bootstrap/bootstrap.min',
shim: {
  'underscore': {
    exports: '_'
  'bootstrap': {
    deps: ['jquery'],
    exports: 'jquery'


require(['app/jquery.app','jquery.bootstrap'], function (AppRouter) {
var app_view = new AppRouter;

Your app/jquery.app should be your starting point of your application.

You have to write this into main.js file and call it like this

<script data-main="/Scripts/main" src="/Scripts/libs/require/require.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

and your jquery.app which is your starting point should look like this

      //plugins have been loaded.

Note that in define module I havent defined anything to be loaded for jquery ui and bootstrap . The reason is since jquery ui loads of its own and it uses jquery syntax . And bootstrap file actually depends on jquery . So use the shim config to load bootstrap.min.js. Basically Your config and starting point should define the paths + starting point . So thats how make it .

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