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I exported a database from SQL Server. It had a column of type timestamp which is giving me value something like 39635.74541924769.

How can I convert it into simple date format on MySQL?

I am trying to display it on a website using PHP. Previous database was linked to the site with ASP.NET and SQL Server.

I want to convert this timestamp from 39635.74541924769 to something like 2012-09-25 10:15:23

or some other readable format.

Thanx in advance. :)

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The SQL Server timestamp datatype has nothing to do with date and/or time.

It's just a sequential counter, typically used to detect rows that have changed since being read.

Newer versions of SQL Server now call it ROWVERSION - which is really what it is.

There's no date and/or time contained in that data! You cannot convert it to a proper date.

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