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I have below lines of java code.

            String string1 = "SAMPLE STRING";
            String string2 = "SAMPLE*";

            string2 = string2.replaceAll("\\*",".*").trim().toUpperCase();


Here i dont understand the regex meaning here. what does it mean? Can anyone please help me?


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You can go through the documentation of : - Pattern Class –  Rohit Jain Oct 19 '12 at 11:59

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So your regex here is "\\*" which simply means character *. The replaceAll() here will replace all * characters in string2 with .*.

This is a common replace to have people use simplified regexes (like the ones used to match files, e.g. *.exe) and convert it to a PCRE regex, which is the regex used in Java.

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Regex "\*" simply means '', when applied on string2 = SAMPLE by replaceAll() the string2 became SAMPLE.* and this is again a regex used by Matcher for match().

"SAMPLE.*" simply accepts everything followed by "SAMPLE"

Hence, "SAMPLE STRING" matched "SAMPLE.*".

Similarly, "SAMPLE ", "SAMPLE 123SSS", "SAMPLE" etc. will match. But, " SAMPLE STRING" doesn't matches pattern "SAMPLE.*"

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