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Python 2.7, PGSQL, SQLAlchemy and twisted's irc.ircclient.

I'm currently storing IRC users in a dictionary, using their nickname as 'key' for easy retrieval, the users are retrieved from SQLAlchemy so users['deepy'] is a SQLAlchemy object which I regularly sync with my database.

Now the problem I have is that on IRC people can be in many channels and I'm just keeping track of one, I need a suggestion on how to improve this.

I've been thinking about doing pretty much the same but also storing the channels users (as a list) in a dictionary with the channel names as key, so like:

{ '#two': ['reference to user9', 'reference to user62'], '#one': ['reference to user1', 'reference to user2'] }

The references being to the users dictionary which contains the SQLAlchemy object.

Is that a sensible approach?

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I've found that it's best to store as few SQLALchemy objects as possible. Storing a ton of SQLAlchemy objects leads to having to worry about synchronization issues and uses up memory.

I would keep track of usernames or user ids instead of actual user objects:

{ '#two': ['bob1', 'tom2'], '#one': ['bob1', 'mary1'] }

Then whenever I needed information for a user I would fetch them from the database. If I had only a few users and needed to access them frequently then I would create a dictionary that mapped usernames to SQLAlchemy user objects.

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