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I've developed a new website and I'd also like to develop a mobile-friendly version. I've thought about using twitter bootstrap - but I don't have much knowledge about this certain framework when it comes to mobile devices, so I'd please like to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of using twitter bootstrap for mobile devices. Any advice would be helpful , thanks in advance !

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You first need to decide whether you want to go the single channel responsive design approach, or the device targeted multi-channel approach. Twitter Boootstrap won't help you notable with the latter option. – Matt Whipple Oct 19 '12 at 12:55
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Most of the framework components have responsive features. The grid columns can float or stack when necessary, the text resizes and the widgets collapse.

You can reinvent the wheel or reuse multiple combined sources, but Bootstrap gives you the convenience that you have a consistent approach to how you organize sources, declare markup, style and provide behavior for various devices.

And it's not going to be just you. A lot of people are using Bootstrap and that sets you on common terms with them with respect to how the front-end is being developed. That's a major plus.

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