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I have a NetBeans Module project using Maven loaded up in the NetBeans IDE. I need to debug the module. When I push the debug button I get the following error message:

The IDE needs to define ${netbeans.run.params.ide} in order to run this action. Currently you project's plugin configuration does not interpret this variable. Adjust D:\mypath\pom.xml to use it defined?

In my pom I do not have the additionalArguments tag set and I have:


Even the pom navigator inside the IDE show that the property is there. So my question is straightforward. What the heck is causing that error?

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Though the interrogation of somebody much smarter than me I have found the answer to this. Somewhere along the line, something had added the line


to my ~home/.m2/settings.xml file. This was overriding the property when the IDE tried to set it.

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